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How Much Does One Ton Of Patio Stone Cover?

How Much Does One Ton Of Patio Stone Cover? – Rock N Dirt Yard Common Questions Marc And Roy show that 1 ton of 2″ patio stone covers 75 square feet. This video will show the area so that you

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Cedar Posts For Sale

Rock N Dirt Yard is now selling Cedar Posts!  These cedar posts are great for fences and decoration.  We carry many sizes.  Posts start at $3.00/each.

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Where To Buy Patio Stone

Rock N Dirt Yard is a great place for anyone in Austin to buy patio stone for three reasons. 1) Great selection of patio stone.  We have all colors in all shapes and sizes. 2) Lower prices on landscape materials

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Sod Roller Rental

If you need to flatten out dirt, grass, or rocks you need to rent a sod roller from the Rock N Dirt Yard. These sod rollers could not be more handy or easy to use. They make for a great

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Get To Know Austin Gravel

Gravel is mostly found naturally in riverbeds and dry river and stream gulches although other types also exist. Sizeable deposits are a common geological feature all over most of the world, due to the effects of weathering and erosion of

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Gravel Basics

Gravel is a staple of landscaping here in Austin, Texas.  You should learn a few of the basics for using gravel. GRAVEL BASICS Gravel refers to rocks ranging in size from ⅛ inch to 1½ inches. It comes in two

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Heavy Rain Slows Down Grass Production

This heavy rain in Austin is wreaking havoc on the grass farms around Texas.  Quality grass is harder and harder to come by so please give us a call if you are needing grass and we can discuss your options.

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Pea Gravel Vs Decomposed Granite

The biggest difference you will find when comparing pea gravel to decomposed granite is in the property of water drainage.  Beyond the look and feel of these landscape products, the main consideration you should be planning for is how much

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Taking Advantage Of Affordable Prices Of Decomposed Granite In Austin

Decomposed granite or crushed granite can be found anywhere you look in Austin.  This useful decorative landscape material is a staple for the Austin area for many reasons.  One of the main reasons, that you should be made aware of

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