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Decomposed Granite Basic Information

  What is decomposed granite? Decomposed granite is like gravel, but finer and generally more stable.  It’s formed from the natural weathering and erosion of solid granite, a tough, hard, igneous rock. The DG sold as landscaping material is typically

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Get To Know Austin Gravel

Gravel is mostly found naturally in riverbeds and dry river and stream gulches although other types also exist. Sizeable deposits are a common geological feature all over most of the world, due to the effects of weathering and erosion of

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Gravel Basics

Gravel is a staple of landscaping here in Austin, Texas.  You should learn a few of the basics for using gravel. GRAVEL BASICS Gravel refers to rocks ranging in size from ⅛ inch to 1½ inches. It comes in two

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