Compost, Mulch, And Aeration Incentives In Austin Texas Will Earn You Rebates

CityOfAustinThe City of Austin is now offering rebates to promote people having drought-friendly lawns.  This cost saving measure is a great incentive to save you money in the landscape materials you buy from Rock N Dirt Yard and also will save you money for years to come as your landscape will need less water.  Give us a call if you have any questions.  Here are more details of the program and some useful links where you can find out more.

As the calendar ticks toward summer, Austin Water is launching a program that could save you nearly $200 on your water bill during the hottest months of the year.

The NOAA seasonal outlook is once again pointing to a hotter-than-normal summer in Texas.

The rebate program from Austin Water dishes out checks to homeowners who take steps to keep more waterin their yard – and therefore end up using less.

Rebates Available:

  • Compost: 1.5 cubic yards or 40 cubic feet — rebate $30
  • Mulch: 3 cubic yards or 80 cubic feet — rebate $40
  • Core aeration service for entire front and/or back lawn area (equipment rental is acceptable) — rebate$50
  • Maximize your rebate by doing all three — $180 ($60 bonus)

City Of Austin Mulch Rebate ProgramIf you’d like to participate, here’s how:

  • When you buy your materials or services, make sure you keep all the receipts
  • Complete the work in your yard – applying compost, mulch and/or aerating your lawn
  • When the work is complete, take photos
  • Fill out the application and e-mail, mail or fax it (along with receipts/photos) to Austin Water
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