Curb Appeal Sells Austin Homes

Rock N Dirt Yard Curb Appeal2The importance of curb appeal is obvious if you talk to any of the area Austin, Texas realtors. The first impression your home makes is vital to how fast your home sells and close the price is to what you are asking. If you are considering selling your home now that the housing market has bounced back, it behooves you to make landscaping improvements to your front yard. Come by the Rock N Dirt Yard or give us a call to find out how you can make massive improvements to your home easily and affordably.Rock N Dirt Yard Curb Appeal3 Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home’s exterior when viewed from the street. Studies show that a majority of buyers will not get out their car if they do not find your home’s curb appeal visually attractive–that is, if they visit your property at all. With more and more people shopping for homes online, potential buyers could be turned off from viewing your property, just based on the listing photo alone! Addressing your home’s curb appeal is a critical component in marketing and selling your home.
Rock N Dirt Yard Curb AppealWhy is curb appeal so important in selling your home? It forms potential buyers’ first impressions of your home. Curb appeal sets the tone for your entire home. Buyers associate the condition of the exterior and landscape with the condition of the interior. Your home’s curb appeal must invite buyers to view the rest of the property. In a buyer’s market, curb appeal can mean the difference between a home that sells quickly for the asking price and a home that sells after months of sitting on the market for below the asking price.

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