I’ve been needing a lot of stone, dirt, sand, gravel, grass, and mulch on my nearly from-scratch bare lot over the last couple of years and am getting to the end of what I need for the front. I’ve used a few stone yards and they’ve all been fine.
Enter AGP Rock N Dirt. I never knew that visiting a landscaping supply yard could be so pleasant. Immediate, but not pushy, customer service greeted us when we drove into the lot. The premises were south Austin beautiful, with lots of nice shade trees and excellent viewable product. The prices are great and on par with the least expensive suppliers in the area. The stone is of such quality that it almost seems hand picked. They have an excellent staff that helped us find our stone, load it, and checked us out almost as fast as we drove in. Really friendly folks, too. A very pleasant experience.
I have one last batch of stone I need to purchase to match what I got from another supplier, but besides that, I’ll use AGP for all of my needs.

My wife and I were tackling another yard project and we decided to try this place. I ride by it all of the time on my bike, and it looked legit, so we gave it a shot. Wow. We both left there with a good feeling about our purchase and knowing that we would be back to finish up this project.
Mark and Marcus were both helpful on picking out the right stone and the right amount of material. We didn’t feel rushed, even though our order was small. I’m going back today to get some sod!

I trusted yelp reviews and sure enough these guys delivered.  Ellie who took my order was very friendly and professional.  The delivery guy Glenn went above and beyond his way to keep our rocks separate and drop them in two spots. We recommend you give these guys a shot.

Jennifer @ Slaughter Lane Chiropractic

I give this business 5 stars.  This business puts the customer’s interest first in every way.  Marcus, a manager at rockndirt was exceptional. He answered a number questions over the phone as well as gave me loads of guidance in person.  Marcus also stayed late – well after 530pm as I was stuck in traffic with a rental truck to pick up supplies from their south austin location.  Thank you Marcus for taking such good care of us and for answering all if my questions.

Ive used these guys twice and they are great! Ive recommended them to my contractor friend and he loves them as well. Great service, on time delivery and great prices. Ellie does a great job and so do the guys. Give em cash- help support small businesses (no fees)

First things first. I am not a contractor or a landscaper. I just needed to get stuff for my yard. I am not a professional. I found these guys because I pass by their lot pretty infrequently.

My latest project was to put a path on my lawn. I needed crushed granite and talked with them about how much I needed. I was a little leery about being oversold, because really, the last thing I needed is extra granite just hanging around my yard. Sure enough, he mentioned how it compacts really tightly and I thought briefly about it-but bought a little more just thinking better safe than sorry.

Not only was he right on the money, but it was exactly as much as I needed and it compacted way tighter than I expect-just as predicted. Not only that, but the delivery was right at the beginning of the time frame estimated. And it had to be rescheduled for weather- so they were good enough to call a day in advance and let me know in case I’d be wasting a work day for nothing-it’s the little things.

I have more landscaping projects coming this spring, and I know where the rock portions are going to come from.

I have been using these guys since they got started, while I was at my former employer, a landscape company. Now that my wife and I have our own company, ExtremeScapes of Central Texas, we continue to use them to this day.

These guys are very knowledgeable, have great products, with competitive pricing, and they deliver on time. Great group of guys, Mark and Roy know what they’re doing!

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a company, you can count on these guys! Very reliable!

You guys rock!

Great service, friendly staff, convenient location, fair pricing. Feels strange rating a place 5 stars that sells dirt, but these guys deserve it.

Thank you to you guys! You were courteous and very helpful. The rock is perfect and even arrived earlier than I expected!

I am going to tell everyone I know to come you guys for very reasonable prices and excellent service!


Sweetest guys in town!

Cheap as hell, and they will bend over backwards to work with you.

Delivery available.

Wide selection.

Great place. Great customer service. Great prices.

They walked me around the yard and answered all my questions. No rushing.

I bought some rock, limestone blocks and top soil from them recently. They delivered it the very next morning. Fast and friendly.

Looking forward to using them again for some more soil and some sod.

I was recently preparing a house for sale in Austin. After having renters there for four years the yard was horrendous. I called a landscaping friend of mine to ask where he got his dirt and sod. He directed me to A.G.P.

There are three aspects that I consider make or break a business. 1. Knowledge, 2. Service, and 3. Product.

To make a long story short, I should never be trusted with a tape measure. Fortunately the salesman I spoke with, Roy, suspected I might be askew on my numbers and asked to see my measurments and a quick sketch of my yard. He quickly crunched the numbers and saved me an embarassment of a huge over-order of grass and dirt. Roy took the time and explained the different kind of soils I should get before putting down new sod, and explained the different kind of sod (grass) that were available for our area. Knowledge – A+

My plan was to only sod, and put down pea-gravel in the backyard of my home. I made several trips to A.G.P. for different questions. All were met with the same personal service that I experienced the first day I went there. Ya know the kind of place where the people there just make you wanna sit down and have a beer with them? That’s the kind of place this is. Everyone is helpful, never rushed (at least when I was there) and always accomodating to your questions. Even the guy that delivered my dirt and sod, (who at first appearance looked to be one of those guys that eat nails for breakfast), was friendly and service minded. Service – A+

Okay, if the knowledge and the service didn’t sell me, the product was just amazing. I ordered St. Augustine grass. As I mentioned above I had only planned to do my backyard. After seeing the amazing transformation of laying down this beautiful sod, I changed my mind and order a few more pallets for the front of the house. You won’t find pallets of grass sitting on the lot at A.G.P. When you order it, they order it from the farm. It comes in the next day, beautiful and green, vibrant and healthy. Now I understand why my landscaping buddy referred me to A.G.P. I’ve had the grass down for about two weeks now. From the moment I laid it down it was green. After watering the blades perked up. Not one pad, of the 8 pallets I have put down has died on me. They are all lush and green. (Of course you must water as directed.) I wish yelp had the availablity for pictures. My yard has gone from a dust-bowl to an oasis. Product – A+

I really can’t speak on pricing since this one the only place I went. But I can say that it cost me less than I expected and I saved money with the help of the experienced staff.

I can honestly say after my experience with A.G.P. I have no need to look anywhere else when it comes to dirt, mulch, rock or sod. They have won me over and I’ll gladly direct any friends and family their direction if they have any need for those materials.

These guys are great. Always pleasant to talk to. They do their best to take care of you efficiently and at the same time be thorough. They explain the details of the products they offer if you ask. They will help you figure out what is the best product for your purpose and don’t try to upsell you into something you don’t need. They are on time and incredibly nice. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times. Rock, decomposed granite and grass. Every time they’ve given me great service and product. What more can I say, they’re great.


  1. I wanted to say a word of thanks to the crew at Rock n Dirt Yard for their help on Memorial Day. They delayed closing, and waited for me in the rain so that I could buy 1/4 yard of river rock (about a $10 sale!) for a critical drainage project I had at the house.
    The rain let up later, and I was able to get the project done, but I couldn’t have done it without their commitment to customer service.
    Thanks again! You guys are the best!

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