Fall Is Time To Save Water In Central Texas

Rock N Dirt Yard Yard 2Fall is here! That means cooler weather, leaves turning color, sweaters, and pumpkin flavored everything. But that also means that you should cut back your watering schedule. Now that it is not so hot here in North Texas, you don’t need to water nearly as much. In fact, if you were to keep up your summer watering schedule, you are greatly increasing the chance of introducing disease into your lawn or garden.

When the temperature cools and the days get shorter, plant growth begins to slow, which means they require less water. It also tends to rain a bit more in the fall, which will require even less supplemental watering. If you have been following the watering guide on our website and have been watering deeply and infrequently through the summer, then you may not need to water at all depending on how often it rains (Especially if you have planted native and adaptive plants).

Rock N Dirt Yard YardThroughout the fall, you should reduce your watering by up to 50%. Remember, the best way to know when you need to water is by testing your soil. An easy way to test soil wetness is by probing with a stick or small piece of rebar. If the top four inches of soil is wet or muddy, do not water. If the probe comes out dry on the end, it may be time to water. Check the weather before watering because if it is going to rain in a day or two then you could save yourself the time and money.

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