Rock N Dirt Yard Grass Notice

One pallet of sod covers 450 square feet.  There are approximately 160 pieces per pallet. 

Call (512) 799-4734 For Availability 

Sod Square, 16″ x 24″ $2.00/square

Sod by the pallet

St. Augustine Grass 

  1. Raleigh – Common St. Augustine– Full Sun/Partial Shade $2.00/square $140/pallet
  2. Palmetto Partial Sun $165/pallet
  3. Amerishade Shade $235/pallet

Bermuda Grass starting at $145/pallet

  1. Tifway 419 $150/pallet Full Sun
  2. Celebration starting at $145/pallet

Zoysia Grass Varieties starting at $235/pallet

  1. Palisades Sun or Shade
  2. Zorro Sun or Shade
  3. Emerald Sun or Shade

Buffalo Grass Varieties starting at $145/pallet

  1. 609 Full Sun $220/pallet
  2. Prairie Full Sun $225/pallet

rock and dirt 250Delivery of sod pallets varies by zip code and quantity.  Delivery prices start at $25 for up to two pallets.

We carry Lehigh Cement

Austin Grass For Sale

6 Comments » for Grass
  1. Robin says:


    How many squares are on a pallet? Are all the grasses basically $1.49 a square? I need to figure out how much I will need.


  2. Nic says:

    what is your delivery fee for a palette of grass to 78702 zip code?


  3. Mayr Jane STeele says:

    Do you have any buffalo grass sod? I need a pallet.

  4. Suren says:

    I need 2 pallets of Zoysia and about 4 yards of top soil delivered to 78746. What is the price on that? Do you install or have suggestions on someone who can prepare and install grass? Thanks. Suren.

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