Pea Gravel Vs Decomposed Granite

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The biggest difference you will find when comparing pea gravel to decomposed granite is in the property of water drainage.  Beyond the look and feel of these landscape products, the main consideration you should be planning for is how much water you want to retain.  Pea gravel is better at shedding water while crushed granite retains water.  If you are working on a project and you would like for water to drain off a bit easier use the pea gravel.

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  1. Julia Maccharles says:

    Does pea gravel have sharp edges . Is it good for surfaces that are used for dog runs

    • Rocks says:

      Hi Julia,
      Pea Gravel is pretty smooth and would work great for a dog run. Give us a call or message us with any other questions.


  2. Michelle says:

    I have 3 big dogs. They mostly hang out in the kitchen unless they are doing high speed runs through the yard chasing Mr Squirrel. I need a back yard that is super low maitanence yet dog durable. Would DG be an option?

    • Rocks says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Decomposed granite is great for dogs. We have a wide array of products that can be used so you might consider a combination of things. Give us a call and we can discuss how to give your pups the ultimate play land.


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