Texas Black Basalt

Texas Black BasaltThis is a new rock that we are now carrying. It sure is nice looking and will be a great addition anywhere you decide to put them.  Texas Black Basalt is very dark in color with streaks of white quartz within, when wet Texas Black Basalt is a rich black color.  Texas Black Basalt is very popular in Austin, Texas as a decorative rock basalt.  Texas Black Basalt is most is commonly used in construction projects and makes a great driveway.  Please give us a call if you have any questions or drop on by and see us in person.

Rock N Dirt Yard Texas Black Basalt

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  1. Meaghen Weaver says:

    Hey there! I am currently in a Geology class and we have to find various rocks throughout our city and I was wondering if I could come by and possibly see what you guys had and if I would be able to take a picture of it. I am specifically looking for Basalt, but any other rocks you might carry would be helpful to. I understand if you aren’t able to help me with this matter, I just thought I would ask!

    Thank you,
    Meaghen Weaver

  2. Simone says:

    My driveway has pea gravel and I wish to change it to Texas black basalt. It is approximately 10 feet wide by 40 feet long. The driveway has cement borders. I will need to put new weed barrier on the path.

    Could you please let me know:
    1.the approximate amount of basalt that I would need,
    2. the recommended depth and number of layers,
    3. the cost for the stone,
    4. the cost of the weed barrier material,
    4. the cost for delivering in the 78704 zip code.

    Thank you!

  3. Michael Shedd says:

    I am also looking for Basalt rock and tailings to be delivered to Brady Texas..
    Any help , pls email me at [email protected]

  4. Jean R Kutzer Jr says:

    I need large pieces of basalt for building a BBQ pit and a fireplace. Retains heat like no other rock. The sand is a good soil additive as it has the highest paramagnetic quality’s of any stone I’ve tested. I’ll need sand as well to mix into the mortor mix. Sand I can get nearby. I live in Castroville, Texas. Vulcan wont sell to the public. 830 538 4898. Hill Country Green Connection, a agricultural consultation company. Owner. Thank you.

    • Rocks says:

      Hi Jean,
      Really interesting information. Thank you very much for reaching out to us. Give us a call and we can see about filling your order.

      Thanks a bunch!

  5. elizabeth sevilla says:

    where can I buy basalt stone yard here in Palmdale, CA 93550

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