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Why Tree Removal is Necessary for Landscaping

Austin Tree Removal

A landscaping project is always an interesting way to spruce up your back and front yard or to add onto your home with things like a deck or patio. However, sometimes these beautification projects require a little necessary evil in the form of tree removal. Tree removal for some may be just another task on the way to making the home more beautiful, but for many it can be both a frustrating and disheartening endeavor. Trees around our homes gives a little bit of nature, especially in overdeveloped areas like bustling metropolises and having to remove a tree can often take away from that beautiful natural appearance. Sadly sometimes tree removal for a landscaping project is a necessary evil to ensure the project goes smoothly and to make sure the end result is worth the effort.

But when a tree removal is necessary, what should you do to get started on the dreaded task? Take a look below to get a simple step by step guide on tree removal.

How to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

  1. Review Local City/State Ordinances about Tree Removal – Before you begin the task of removing the tree you need to first find out what the local regulations are on removing a tree. Some governments allow anyone to remove a tree while others require a professional tree removal service, so find out which one regulates your area to avoid any legal issues.
  1. Gauge Whether You’ll Need a Professional Tree Removal Service or Not – Some trees are quite obviously easy to remove and can be done by you without a problem while others, mainly medium to large trees, more than likely will require a professional tree removal service to properly and safely remove a tree from your property. If you aren’t sure contact a tree removal service to get help on gauging the situation because if you try to remove a tree on your own that you aren’t capable of doing you, your home and your neighbors could be in danger.

Begin Cutting – To remove small tree (10’ or less with a trunk less than a 10” in diameter) you can move on to step 4, for larger trees you’ll want to first remove the limbs. Cut the branches to the trunk and move them out of the way of the tree. Then gauge the way the tree is leaning and if it is in danger of damaging your home or property when it falls. If it is close to your home you’ll need to cut the tree to fall correctly. Cut the tree down to within 1’ to 1 ½’ of the ground, beginning the cut on the side of the tree that you want the tree to fall in the direction of. As the cut gets deeper the tree will list forward in the direct of the cut, so pay attention to what you are doing and stay out of the direction of the leaning tree. When the tree has fallen put it with the branches removed and move onto the stump.

Removing the Stump – The stump, depending on the size of it, can be a challenge if it is deeply rooted and large. If it is a smaller tree you will be able to dig the tree out do it still being in its younger years with roots that are not as deep. However, if it is larger and older you are going to either require a professional tree stump removal service or the properly equipment to do it yourself. You’ll need a heavy-duty wench to pull the tree stump from the ground as deep roots can be quite stubborn about being pulled from the ground. Once the stump is removed take all parts of the tree and dispose of them properly in an organic waste trash bin or take them to an organic waste recycle processor.

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