Using Decomposed Granite As A Backyard Path

Here is a letter we got the other day at Rock N Dirt Yard about using crushed granite as a path through the backyard…

Austin-decomposed graniteWe’re in planning mode for a new backyard. We’d like to have some sort of pathway around the perimeter of the yard to allow the kids to walk, run, bike/trike around.
I fear a concrete path would be too much money. I was thinking decomposed granite might be a viable option. My main concerns are whether a decomposed granite path will allow easy triking/biking and if it is somewhat kid feet friendly. If by chance they are walking the path bare foot, will it hurt their little feet?

Pathways with decomposed granite are an affordable and highly functional alternative to concrete. It doesn’t go flying everywhere. Yes if your kid wanted to use a shovel to dig it up she could. Dogs don’t fling it anywhere. It does stick to the paws and shoes when wet though. Putting an area between house and path will help to minimize tracking it in. Wiping of feet helps a bunch. It also helps if the decomposed granite is compacted and held in by a stone border or metal edging. Again compacted well. You can ride bikes and tricycles on it, but takes more work than smooth concrete to do so. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just need to make sure it is compacted well.

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