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The South Austin, Texas landscaping depot for landscape materials, patio stone, and garden goods is Rock N Dirt Yard.  Great bulk deal prices on quality dirt, rock, patio stone, and landscape materials is what Austin has come to expect from Rock N Dirt Yard because we always deliver.

New! Seasoned Hickory!

Rock N Dirt Yard is now offering large loads of seasoned hickory wood to the delight of Austin cooks. We are bringing in huge loads of hickory wood from Arkansas to serve the needs of your smokers. Now you can stop buying those little bags with tiny chunks of hickory that burn up too quickly. These large logs of hickory will last much longer while burning more consistently to give your meats the deep rich smoke flavor that makes Texas BBQ famous around the world. We are selling large stacks or wheelbarrow loads of the seasoned hickory now.

Austin Limestone Varieties

Rock N Dirt Yard put together these samples of a few of the varieties of the rocks we have to offer to show the huge selection of different shapes, sizes, and colors we have to offer.

We have expanded our delivery area!  Check our delivery page to see whether Rock N Dirt Yard delivers to you and see the cost.

New and improved Rock N Dirt Yard!

Rock N Dirt Yard Featured Product this month is our split oak firewood.  Come on down and get a huge stack for twenty bucks.  You can also have it added to your delivery order!


Rock N Dirt Yard Has The Best Dirt In Austin.


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