Rock N Dirt Yard Has The Best Dirt In Austin.


Top Soil $30.00/yard
Chocolate Loam $20.00/yard

Dirt Blends:

Garden Blend 40% Compost $45.00/yard
Sod Mix 50% Compost 50% $40.00/yard

Organic Compost $40.00/yard
Dillo Compost $40.00/yard


Masonry Sand – Tan $40.00/yard
Concrete – Fill Sand $40.00/yard
Granite Sand $30.00/yard
White Beach Sand $50.00/yard
Re-Mix (sand with gravel)

Gardening Mixes Bagged Materials ($/bag):

Potting Soil $5.95
Rose Mix Soil $5.25

Learn More About Our Great Texas Soil Blends

We now carry Lehigh Cement

No “uphill” driveway or off-road deliveries.

This is what 1 cubic yard looks like

How big is one cubic yard?

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  1. They were very nice when I dropped by, very straightforward, did not try and up-sell me and helped me get just what I wanted. Good people, good product and where we will get all our dirt and rock from now on!

    • Hi Laura,
      With all sincerity we thank you for the kind words. Here at the Rock N Dirt Yard we feel very lucky to be in South Austin and be able to serve so many wonderful folks. If you ever have any questions or concerns with any of our products or your landscaping projects please email us or give us a call.

  2. Yep.. Rock and Dirt yard is the only place I send my clients. Prices are great, the materials are great, and most importantly the people are great. They crush the competition with their friendly service.

  3. What is the best dirt to put down before laying saint augustine grass? We just had a driveway busted out and need to level with dirt before laying the grass.


    • Hi Jeff,
      The best dirt for your driveway project is going to be our Sod Mix which is $40.00 per yard. Give us a call if you have any questions. Thanks!

  4. What is the best dirt to top dress a Bermuda lawn with? I am looking to improve grass health and to level out the lawn.

    • Hi Wes,

      Great question. Straight Dillo Compost is the best product for top dressing and is best used sparingly, which makes it quite economical. Should you need to add soil, the Sod Mix (50/50 compost and topsoil blend) is the same price @ $40.00 per yard.
      Give us a call or post any other questions you might have about your landscaping.

      Thanks a bunch!

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