Rock N Dirt Yard is a great place in Austin Texas to buy black mulch in bulk or buy the bag.  This is a great landscape product that adds a distinguished look to you garden.

Black Mulch is made from recycled tree trimmings and is color enhanced with a black non-toxic dye.  Rock N Dirt Yard Mulch looks great under shrubs and trees. The dark color highlights the plants above it and makes any landscaped area standout.  Black Mulch is a natural product that provides weed suppression, moisture retention, and color enhancement.

Black Mulch is a designer cover mulch made from 100% recycled wood products. It ranges 1-3” in size and colorized with a non-toxic black dye. Black Mulch makes for a perfect landscape ground cover and can be layered around plants in garden beds for added contrast and a look that really pops!

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